Aluminous refractories and aluminous silica, antacid specialties, basic refractories, and bricks and pieces of ceramic and chemical bonds.

Fireclay and high Alumina refractories

Acid resistant materials

  • Bricks ans special shapes
  • Carbon bricks ans shapes
  • Ring and mounts filling towers
  • Acid proof mortar

Basic refractories

    Basic special materials
  • Ramming and gunning mix
  • Ceramic and chemical bond bricks ans shapes
  • Magnesia high fired bricks and shapes
  • Chrome - magnesia high fired bricks and shapes
  • Chrome - magnesia chemical bonded bricks ans shapes
  • Alumina - Graphite resin bonded bricks and shapes
  • Alumina – spimel resin bonded bricks and shapes

Ceramic fiber insulation

  • Insulations materials of silica alumina, silica alumina zircon, and soluble fiber, asbestos free; manufactured by the spun and blown process, yielding strengh
  • Lightweight yet durable bulk, chopped, blankets, modules, papers, boards, special shapes, rigidizer, cements, moldable, pumpable and seal coats for application in a temperature range from 538º C (1000º to 1480º C (2700º F).
  • Thermal insulations systems, engineering and installations

Special ceramics

Brick and shapes, castables, plastics and mortars.

    Material components:
  • Zircon – Alumina
  • Zircon – Mullita
  • Zircon
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Cordierite

Refractory barbecues and home fireplaces

Bricks for fireplaces, gas and electric stoves, grills, barbecue, home and industrial kitchens and stoves heat diffussers, outiside coatings, etc.

  • In all sizes, colours and shapes, standard or upon designers request.

Technical assistance, projects and engineering systems

  • Refractory engineering services
  • Construction and rebuilding