Experience in industrial materials

Cerámica Industrial Avellaneda started its activities in 1920, manufacturing construction materials, In 1928 the factory was moved to the city of Avellaneda. In 1940 we begun manufacturing refractory materials, nowadays we are suppliers on the local market and foreign countries. From the beginning we have developed the structure and necessary professional resources to meet our customer’s needs from the siderurgy, petrochemical metallurgical, line and ceramic industry, cement, glass, aluminium, chemical, food industry, mine, iron and steel foundry, bronze, cooper, brass, lead and central energy sources among others.

In addition, we apply a range of customers that use thermal process, and/ or abrasion in its installations. The development of acid proof material and ceramic lining monolithic, links us with paper, chemical, food, milk, beer and cold storage industries. Ceramica Industrial Avellaneda S.A. renew efforts to achieve quality, quantity and services for our customers requirements.